Wines - Facets of a microcosm

Offering moments of discovery, taste, sharing or even simply a glass of wine.

Three lines and three takes on quality for different tasting moments. Classics comprise a wide range of carefree, easy-drinking wines with solid territorial character. A refreshing, brilliantly clean-tasting line of native varieties and internationals that have found a new home, or rather “Heimat”, here at Kaltern.

Selections are obtained from rigorous selections of fruit from outstanding vineyards. Their character is a hymn to type and territory.

Last on our list are the Crus, the crowning glory of meticulously careful viticulture, soil in thrilling harmony with the variety and faithful winemaking. Wines that respect the character certain plots can impart in an absolutely distinctive manner. The collection includes our biodynamic wines, each delicious sip a savour of philosophy.