Sometimes life’s little pleasures come in liquid form. This Moscato Rosa will transport you straight to the carefree atmosphere of a lakeside holiday.
Moscato Rosa IGT 2020

Moscato Rosa IGT 2020

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  • Moscato Rosa
  • 6 – 21 years
  • 10 – 12 °C
  • 2020 – 2022
  • 60 hl/ha
  • Pergola
  • 12,0 %
  • 50 g/l
  • 5,2 g/l
  • Contains sulphites

When Prince Heinrich von Campofranco in 1851, moved from Sicily to Caldaro, he brought along some budwood of the variety Moscato Rosa. This grape is very demanding in cultivation and produces minimal income.

A relatively milde winter was followed by a dry March and a dry and warm April, and flowering set in somewhat earlier than usual. There were no long heatwaves in the summer. In spite of this, the head start in the vegetation cycle became shorter and shorter up to the harvest, and the first grapes were harvested at the beginning of September, with the last load reaching the winery on October 9. The white wines of the 2020 vintage present with an appealing acidity; the reds are impressive for their elegance and finesse.

– light cherry red
– rose blossoms, elderberry and nutmeg
– harmonious with pleasant, sweet fruit, aroma-rich finish

This wine pairs well with a wide variety of desserts, for instance, poppy-seed strudel or beignets.

One week fermentation on the skins, at a controlled temperature of 18 °C and four-month ageing on the fine lees in stainless steel tanks.

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