kunst.stück 2019 - art competition

With the 2014 vintage, Kellerei Kaltern-Caldaro launches a new tradition. Wine has many voices, of course, and one of them conveys the vintage, since each growing year is different, often with specific or exceptional characteristics unique to that individual vintage. The kunst.stück spotlight will focus on precisely these exceptional qualities, with these wines bottled in limited-edition.

Cantina Kaltern invites artists and graphic artists to design a custom label that will adorn these kunst.stück 2019 wine.

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Label model

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The kunst.stück 2019 is a Pinot Grigio. Next to its Burgundy siblings, it ekes out a Cinderella existence most of the time and is underestimated by many. But there are vintages when - in the right vineyard and cultivated by a passionate winemaker - it rises to true greatness and splendour. And everyone who tastes this wine asks incredulously: This is Pinot Grigio?

Because of these reason the theme of the contest it is: Cinderella's great moment

Art competition

For the winning artist, the design and creation of an art label constitutes an opportunity for recognition and prestige, as well as an introduction to an extensive and heterogeneous public. The kunst.stück wine’s positioning on the ultra-premium level and its introduction at the wine world’s most prestigious events will guarantee important, long-term attention by the press. The possibility to exhibit at the Kellerei Kaltern-Caldaro winecenter will ensure further visibility, in particular on an international level, given that the winery’s retail outlet is the destination, year round, of visitors from all of Europe. Right from its start as a project of the feld72 group, the Winecenter has gained a reputation as a point of encounter between art and wine. It serves as a permanent home for works by Andrea and Josef Rainer Varesco, and every year welcomes artists of the calibre of Roland Moroder, Robert Bosisio, Ernst Mülle, and Josef Scherer. Finally, the winning artist will receive an award of 1000 euros.


This extraordinary wine will be officially presented in autumn 2021 as part of a special event.

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