Vintage 2020 in Alto Adige - the report

After a wet November 2019 with a total of over 250 mm of precipitation came a relatively mild winter with above-average hours of sunshine and little precipitation. A rainy March was followed by a dry and warm April, which led to early budding and rapid development of the vines, with no cold snaps or late frosts. Thanks to these ideal conditions, the first signs of flowering were already visible on the earliest sites around mid-May. The exceptional situation caused by SARS-Cov-19 had only marginal effects on the work in the vineyard, as most of our winegrowers are small-scale operators and the work is done mainly by family members.

Rainfall in May led to rapid vegetation growth on the early sites, which called for intensive husbandry in the vineyards. The summer passed without any major heatwaves, and hailstorms were not a problem this year.

The 2020 harvest, which was notable for the irregular ripening of the grapes, was completed on October 9. The young white wines present with an appealing acidity, and the quality of the Pinot Grigio is particularly worthy of mention. The red wines are impressive for their elegance and finesse, with the Pinot Noir and Lagrein particularly outstanding.

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