A reconstructed visual memory of red that defies the bounds of time.
K Rosé IGT 2020

K Rosé IGT 2020

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  • 6 – 16 years
  • 11 – 13 °C
  • 2021 – 2022
  • 60 hl/ha
  • Wire-trained
  • 13,0 %
  • 2,5 g/l
  • 5,4 g/l
  • Contains sulphites

A relatively milde winter was followed by a dry March and a dry and warm April, and flowering set in somewhat earlier than usual. There were no long heatwaves in the summer. In spite of this, the head start in the vegetation cycle became shorter and shorter up to the harvest, and the first grapes were harvested at the beginning of September, with the last load reaching the winery on October 9. The white wines of the 2020 vintage present with an appealing acidity; the reds are impressive for their elegance and finesse.

– light pink-ruby in color
– delicately fruity, reminiscent of raspberries and wild cherries
– fresh and juicy on the palate

This wine pairs well with heavier appetizers, as well as fish and white meats. It is an ideal wine for summer.

The first blush of pigment is allowed to color the must before part of it is drained off to be fermented at cool temperatures as a rosé wine.

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