Fantastic reviews from Robert Parker

Our wines received superb ratings from the Wine Advocate, which is “… very impressed by the wines made at Cantina Kaltern”.
The italian wine guide Vini d'Italia awarded the Quintessenz Kalterersee 2017 with his highest award.
The Slow Wine wine guide awarded Quintessenz Pinot Bianco 2016 as Grande Vino.
Our Quintessenz Pinot Bianco 2016 was able to convince the tasting jury of the wine guide Bibenda and got the highest award "5 Grappoli".

Great results from the new falstaff

High points for Cantina Kaltern wines

Project XXX

eXplore - eXperiment - eXclusive
The vintage that was in a hurry.
The review of James Suckling
5 Grappoli for Pfarrhof Kalterersee Classico Superiore 2016
Two important awards for Quintessenz Passito 2014
Special award from Slow Wine
The hightest award for the probably Italy’s most prestigious wine guide.
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